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CELC Email Issues from 8/19-8/29

Your email to CELC may not have been received.  Any email sent to a "" email address (such as or or to one of the older "" email addresses between 8/19 am and 8/29 about 5:20pm MST was not received.  You may or may not have received a "message undeliverable" notification when you sent the email  We became aware of the issue on the afternoon of 8/29 and the problem has been resolved.  .   


Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a way to recover any lost messages from that timeframe although we are still looking.  PLEASE RESEND ANY EMAIL you sent to CELC in that interval.


Our apologies for this issue and any inconvenience this causes you.  If you have any questions or concerns on this, please let me know.


Jim Erickson

CELC IT Tech Support

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