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Anniversary Celebration
Pastor Jeff 40 Years of Ordination
Open House

We had an open house celebration on November 5th for our Pastor Jeff as he celebrated 40 years of his ordination. Many members of the congregation and members of Pastor Jeff's family were in attendance. Bishop Hutterer stopped in to congratulate him and a gift from the congregation was presented to him (many thinks to Dave Bruce for his woodworking skills in creating the plaque that was presented to him.  Here are a couple of pictures from the celebration.



Pastor Jeff gift.jpg
Pastor Jeff bishop beth cropped.jpg

40th Anniversary Ordination Thank You from Pastor Jeff

" I am so humbled by all the love and support shown me on my 40th ordination anniversary party. A very special thank you to the team who made this happen. The food, set up, and fellowship was, to put it in one word, "Amazing". To all who sent cards, those who were able to attend, and those who couldn't, "Thank you for your prayers, support and love". Thank you". Love Pastor Jeff

40th Anniversary.jpg

Pastor Jeff was on Sabbatical May-July 2022

From the LivingLutheran magazine:

"The idea of a sabbatical has biblical origins. The very root of the word is the same as that of “Sabbath.” Throughout the Old Testament God instructs people to work six days and rest on the seventh. In Leviticus, God instructs people to allow the land to rest every seventh year — meaning no farming, no planting, no harvesting."

"Pastors find sabbaticals to be transformative experiences that strengthen and develop the clergy’s ability to serve the congregation."

Originally, Pastor Jeff was planning to take a 3 month sabbatical in 2020.  However, it was delayed until 2022 due to Covid.  

Video Greetings from Pastor Jeff

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