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Merger Talks between Alleluia and CELC discontinued 

The CELC Transition Council members received a message on May 30, that the Alleluia Council has decided to remove themselves from the possible merger of Alleluia with CELC.


The MOU voted on at the January annual meeting was an invitation to Alleluia to dive deeper into formal conversations of a possible merger between the two churches. Thank you for trusting the CELC Council to move forward with this process once Alleluia voted to accept the MOU at their annual meeting. There were many unanswered questions about how the process would play out and many people were involved in the research and discussions. I want to thank all past and present CELC Council members, the Transition Council members, and the Transition Details Team for their hours of work on the due diligence process and discussions.


Although we will not be continuing in merger discussions with Alleluia, we ask for continued prayers and guidance for their council and congregation as they continue to discern what’s best for their future. 


Su Erickson (please email me if you have questions)

CELC Council President 

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