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CELC Outreach March Madness - First Round

Cereal Bracket.2023.v2.2023.03.23.jpg

March Madness has come to CELC's Outreach Program again.  We are having a cereal drive to help provide nutritious cereal to our Outreach families.  Our NCAA (Nutrtritional Cereal Always Appreciated) Final Four cereals are:

  • Corn Flakes

  • Cheerios - Round 1 winner

  • Raisin Bran - Round 1 Winner

  • Rice Krispies


Put you cash donation in the appropriate cereal box to make your "vote" or bring a full cereal box as your vote.

Semifinals - March 19

  • Neither first round match was close

  • Winners - Cheerios and Raisin Bran

  • Can Raisin Bran upset Cheerios this year?

Finals - March 26

Winner Announced - April 2


May the best cereal win!!!

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