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To view the directory online, go to and follow the prompts under “Sign In” or “Create a login now” as appropriate.  You will need to use the email address as listed in our directory to create a login or access the system.  If  your email address changes or if the system does not recognize your current email address, you will need to contact the church office so it can be added or updated. When you first create a login, you will be required to confirm your email address before you can sign in. 


There is also a free mobile app available for download at the Apple® App store or the Google Play™ store. Simply search for “Instant Church Directory” to get the download and then follow these instructions. 

  1. Download the App to your device

  2. Open the app on your phone and click on “Sign In”

  3. If you already have a login to their site (

    • Enter the email address contained for you in the directory

    • Enter the password you use to access the directory from the internet

    • Click on “Sign In”

    • If this is successful, you are done

  4. If you do not have a login on their site, then you need to create one: 

    • Go back one screen and click on “Create Login”

    • Enter the email address contained for you in the directory

    • Create a password

    • Click on “Submit”

    • If this is successful, you are done

  5. If you receive a message that your email address cannot be found, then you either have no email address in the directory or a different email address is entered for you in the directory

    • Email to have your email address added or updated in the directory. 

    • Once it has been added or updated, you will then be able to create a login.


Need help or have questions?   

Please contact the church office at

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Our Church Directory is Online

Our Church Directory is powered by Instant Church Directory.

Contact Judy Turnen if you want a paper copy

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