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Solar Power at CELC

Update - 4/07/24

Update from Randy Heibel as of 4/7/2024

  • Permitting has taken over a year due to red-lined plans being re-submitted several times.

  • A local engineer recently approved/stamped the electrical plans.

  • Expected Last Step: Solar Covered Parking re-submits the plans and renews expired permit(s) through the City of Goodyear.

  • SCP will expedite city’s approval and permitting.

  • Time Frame: Days to weeks. Hopefully not months.

Update - 4/17/23

Here is an update on the status of CELC Solar Power from Randy Heibel as of 4/27/2023.  The congregation voted to move forward with Solar at the January Annual Meeting.  The lease has been approved by the Church Council and a downpayment paid.  Preliminary design drawings have been received.  See the PDF below for details.

Update - 1/23/23

Randy Heibel presented an update at the Jan. 23, 2023 information meeting for the annual meeting.  The church council has voted to proceed and this will be brought up at the 1/29 Annual Meeting.

Initial Proposals - 9/23/22

In the past, there has been interest expressed in investigating the use of Solar Power at CELC to help reduce the church's electricty costs and to be good stewards of the environment.


Randy Heibel is the church council member in charge of Buildings and Grounds.  He has been researching solar options and obtaining proposals from companies that do solar installation commercially.  On Sunday, 9/18, at the end of the service, he provided information on these proposals to the congregation.  At this stage, it is purely informational as the church council has not made any decisions on whether to move forward, what options are viable, and when to bring to the congregation for approval.


The information he will share can be obtained below in PDF form (this was updated on 9/23 to add some information that came out verbally at presention.   Unfortunately, we had an audio issue that prevented his presentation from being included in the live stream of the service.

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