Pastor Jeff is on Sabbatical May-July 2022

From the LivingLutheran magazine:

"The idea of a sabbatical has biblical origins. The very root of the word is the same as that of “Sabbath.” Throughout the Old Testament God instructs people to work six days and rest on the seventh. In Leviticus, God instructs people to allow the land to rest every seventh year — meaning no farming, no planting, no harvesting."

"Pastors find sabbaticals to be transformative experiences that strengthen and develop the clergy’s ability to serve the congregation."

Originally, Pastor Jeff was planning to take a 3 month sabbatical in 2020.  However, it was delayed until 2022 due to Covid.  

Guest Pastors during Sabbatical

  • Rev. David Cote (primary)

  • Dan Weichart (our former intern)

Emergency Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care.png

If you need emergency pastoral care, please reach out to Pastor Beth Gallen (May - July).


Phone number - 623-340-9956

Email -

You can also contact Su Erickson - CELC Council President

Phone number - 630-957-7954

Email -

Video Greetings from Pastor Jeff