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CELC and Alleluia Walking Together

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Becoming One


  • God has been guiding us on a journey for these two congregations to come together in ministry

  • Our combined resources, including spiritual, physical, and financial will provide a much greater opportunity to serve and bless others rather than working independently


  • The CELC and Alleluia church councils have been meeting for almost 2 years looking at options

    • Intern Dan's ministry for both congregations was one of the interim outcomes of this collaboration​

  • Decision made to move forward with adoption of Alleluia into CELC

  • A Memorandum of Understanding was approved by both councils and congregations to move forward in Jan/Feb

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  • Transition Council Established​

    • Provide overall guidance and direction for the process

    • Executive Council from Each Congregation​

      • CELC - Su Erickson, Connie Sornsin, Ann Bruce, Jim Harmon​

      • Alleluia - Laura Kreuger, Paul Stithem, Tina Knoell, Rose Anne Flores

    • Pastor Jeff Gallen (non-voting)​

    • Jim Erickson (providing "project management" of the process - non voting)

    • Rev. Miguel Gomez-Acosta is our Synod contact in the process

    • Consultants engaged for legal and process advice

    • Creating overall timeline and understanding of required steps (constitutional, legal, synodical)

      • Each congregation will need a final vote (date TBD) to approve the merger

    • Identifying and resolving questions/concerns/issues

  • Additional Teams being formed as per the Memorandum of Understanding

Have Questions?  Contact Su Erickson - CELC or Laura Kreuger - Alleluia

Transition Details Team

  • Details related to Building, Financial, Insurance, Rentals/Contracts​

    • Due Diligence​

    • Processes

    • Proposals

  • Team is up and running

    • CELC - John Brown, Mike Coyle

    • Alleluia - Jim Kreuger, Charla Seitz

Planning Ministry Outreach Team

  • Inventory current Outreach ministries of both congregations

  • Define how our gifts and skills intersect with community needs, aligned around God’s plan

  • The vision includes space in the community around which ministry could be built to reach/serve the local population and form the basis for both campuses 

  • Team being formed

Congregational Care Team

  • Develop a plan on informing congregations of the adoption merger

  • Set up Question and Answer sessions


  • Reaching out to bring us together as one body in Christ

  • Team being formed

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